5 Reasons to Hold Your Sales Meeting at an External Meeting Room Space

What’s the number one thing that — if done in a structured way — can increase productivity, creativity and blast through a sales slump?


What used to be a meaningless buzzword has now been proven to make even your most rutted employees think outside the box.

How do you create disruption at your sales meeting without, well, disrupting everything?

Change up your location. Yes, it’s that easy.

And yes — it works.

We’ve got five reasons to hold your sales meeting somewhere new. (And we know just the place!)

5. Productivity

You’ve heard Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, but do you know how to shake it up?

Make your employees more productive at your sales meeting by giving them a new place to think about projects.

Your team is more likely to tackle issues with a renewed vigor if they’re relaxed and lacking the regular stressors of the office or same old conference room.

You’ll be surprised what kind of ideas you hear.

And that brings us to…

4. Creativity

Much like productivity, creativity is enhanced when the brain works somewhere different.

If you’ve ever been in a rut and moved locations — say, from your bedroom to your home office — you know that a little disruption can be just what the doctor ordered.

You and your team will be able to tackle your issues with new eyes and from a new vantage point. That’s more valuable than hiring someone with a radically different sales philosophy or changing up your department.

Just get people out of their comfort zones (while keeping them comfortable, of course!), and see what kind of magic can happen.

3. Team Building

Team building and camaraderie are much more easy to facilitate if everyone travels together or arrives at a new destination to buckle down and work on the issues of the day.

You don’t have to do cheesy activities, either — just host a few icebreakers and break your participants up into small groups. The new environment will foster new friendships and strengthen long-time bonds.

2. Face Time

When you’re face to face with your team members or meeting participants, you’ll solve problems and foster more understanding more quickly than by e-mail or conference calls.

When everyone comes together at an outside event, people are more likely to talk amongst themselves and find new ways to network.

An offsite meeting can be the perfect tool to expand your reach and get to know the faces of the people your work impacts the most.

1. It’s Neutral Territory

Maybe you’re trying to entice new buyers, or maybe you have to iron out some tough workplace issues.

Whatever the reason, an offsite meeting can make those with a nervous tinge feel much more at ease. Because the place is new to everyone, the playing field feels level.

A beautiful offsite location can offer much by way of beauty, ease of use, and it’s much more neutral than being in a conference room adjacent to the boss’s office!

With state of the art audio visual facilities and any size room from boardroom to ballroom, The Meeting Room has what you need for your offsite sales meeting needs. Give us a call or contact us today — we can’t wait to “meet” you!

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