How to Get a Meeting Room for Hire for Your Next Work Training

Whether you’re wanting to bring the team closer together, lift morale or simply get out of the office, finding a good meeting room for hire is something every effective leader will have to do at some point.

An away day or external meeting is a great opportunity to improve staff relations and inject a little bit of fun and creativity into your workflow. With some many unique and affordable meeting rooms for rent in Yorkshire, it’s an opportunity that no team leader should pass up on.

If you’re new to hiring rooms for rent (and don’t have HR to do it for you), then you may need a little guidance to get started. Here’s how to get a meeting room for hire for your next work training.

Step 1: Finding a Meeting Room for Hire

Looking for the right training rooms for hire can seem like a daunting task, but the Internet is here to help. You can use a search engine allows you to tweak your search to the exact requirements of your team. Just make sure to shop around beforehand.

Determine how many people you’re bringing along to the training rooms so that you’re searching for the right size. You’ll want somewhere within easy reach of the office (ideally walking distance) and with plenty of nice amenities. Don’t be afraid to consult with your team on this.

Step 2: Getting the Right Price

The price of an external business venue rental is not exactly up for negotiation per se, but you can control how much you pay to help keep costs down.

You can choose to eschew add-ons such as insurance or food and beverage service and arrange your own transport and equipment if it’ll knock some pounds off.

Many conference rooms for rent near me will offer reduced prices for teams of a certain size, so don’t hesitate to inquire.

Step 3: Knowing Your Rights

This is crucial to ensure you aren’t met with any disappointments or nasty surprises on the day. Find out what the cancellation policy of the venue is so that you don’t get hit with any unexpected charges.

Also find out how you and your team are allowed to use and access the space, as some venues prohibit certain activities. You’ll also want to know exactly what services and amenities you will be granted access to as part of the room hire.

It’s all about asking as many questions as you can, which the venue should be more than happy to answer.

Step 4: Getting Everyone There

This something you don’t want to leave to the last minute, as chaos could ensue. Make sure you know exactly how to get to the venue and consider hiring a minibus or van to get everyone there together.

You will have paid good money for a venue, and you don’t want to waste valuable time looking for lost employees or dealing with delayed trains. Don’t forget to arrange transport back to the office as well!

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