Everything You Want to Know About Blues Guitarist Ben Poole

If you’re into Blues music and you haven’t heard of Ben Poole, then you’re surely missing out. This artist has gone from up and coming to superstar almost overnight.

His debut album, ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’, was released in 2014. And, he now has three albums available, all of which have exceeded expectations of the general public and legendary blues and rock stars alike.

Ben is only in his twenties but proves himself as an incredibly gifted musician. There is no stopping this young man from being wildly successful while he plays music that speaks to the masses. He was even named ‘the guitarist to watch out for in 2010’ by ‘Total Guitar’ magazine.

And, that was only the beginning.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ben and his band, then keep reading. There’s more than meets the eye, or the ear when it comes to this amazing guitarist.


Ben draws on inspiration from the likes of legendary heroes like Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He also appreciates his mentors, like the late Gary Moore, who told him to listen to ‘gaps’ in guitar playing to get a better feel for the music.

He is humble in his admiration for these fellow artists and takes all of their advice and comments in stride.

Rockin’ the Blues

Ben has been described as one of the most exciting young blues artists to come out of the UK in what has been quoted as a ‘long, long time’. He is not only a talented guitarist but also singer and songwriter. You may also notice obvious blues and rock, soul and R&B, and country influences in his jams.

His live show is energetic and goes beyond your wildest expectations.

Award Nominations

This rising star is no stranger to award nominations, either. He was nominated for no less than three awards in 2011 at the British Blues Awards ceremony. Not to mention that he was chosen to represent the UK in 2012 at the European Blues Challenge in Berlin.

Ben came in third place out of 19 entries in the world-class event that represented nineteen countries. And, remember, this was all before he turned 25 years old.

Ben Poole Live In Concert

Ben Poole is more than a guitarist. He’s also a great musician overall. His blues influence strikes a chord with many followers, young and old.

Ben’s latest album, ‘Time Has Come’, released in 2016, has overtones of rock, pop, and soul, with a lyrical composure that leaves you asking for more. The sound is that of an artist whose time is now. He will be a blues legend in good time as we watch him rise to fame.

There’s no reason to miss a Ben Poole concert if you’re into music that speaks to your soul. His relentless shredding will keep you dancing and singing along with the beat.

So, don’t miss Ben and his band at the Meeting Room in November and don’t miss this stellar event.

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