How to Choose the Perfect Event Venue for Any Occasion

Given that nearly 40% of people go to live events with some frequency, the right venue makes all the difference. If you’re at a bad event venue, the best speaker can sound off. If the room doesn’t fit everyone you’ve intended, you could be creating a bad mood for an otherwise fun occasion.

Here are four questions to ask yourself before you choose a venue for your event.

1. Is It Big Enough?

When you’re trying to find the perfect venue for an event, you need to assess whether or not the venue you’ve found is going to fit everyone. You need to start by looking at your projected guest list and see how feasible it sounds.

If you’ve held a previous event, check and see how many people attended your last one. If you don’t have that record, you might have to use an alternate method to make a guess. You could use photos of the crowd, count the number of drinks sold and divide by two or three, or you ask someone else who was at the event.

2. Is It Easy To Get To?

The best events in the world aren’t going to be well attended if they’re impossible to get to. You could have Jimi Hendrix opening for Winston Churchill and the Queen and you’d still have a tough time filling the stadium if there wasn’t a nearby train stop.

Make sure there’s plenty of parking to accommodate everyone. If it’s near public transit, provide directions to your guests.

3. Is It Well-Known?

Finding a meeting space that you can mention by name or that has been around for years is difficult. As new venues are created every year, it’s hard to know which place is better than another, all things being equal.

Notoriety or familiarity with a location is a big plus. If people get lost on the way to your location because they’ve never been there before, your event could lose attendance. Rather than risk it, choose a venue that’s well-known by everyone in the community.

4. Does It Have The Tech You Need?

Quite often there are tech needs when you rent a venue. Whether you’re hosting a rock show, a speaking event, or a reunion party, it’s likely someone will need a microphone. There should be access to adequate PAs or a way to get one.

If you’re setting up a business meeting or a corporate event, you may also need access to a projection screen. Call ahead to see that they’ve got everything you need and can easily set up your laptop.

Your Event Venue Should Enhance the Experience

Having an event venue that detracts from the experience of being at your event can ruin all of your planning and efforts. In the wrong space, even the most well-planned event will fall flat, giving speakers, performers, or hosts conditions to do nothing but fail.

If you’re wondering what else you should ask when searching for a meeting space, check out our guide for more tips.

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