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    Top 5 Blues Rock Bands of All Time

    Blues rock brings together the best of both worlds. The intimacy and real-life struggles of the blues meet the electrified adrenaline-rush of rock ‘n roll. Blues rock updates the blues for the 21st Century, informing the future and reminding us of where we’re coming from. A list of the best […]

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    Eric Clapton: Founding Father Of Blues Rock

    There are many iconic artists in blues and rock. But modern blues and rock styles have Eric Clapton to thank. The guitarist behind The Yardbirds and Cream revolutionized the way we hear rock music. Clapton’s style is so distinct, he also received success as a solo artist. Clapton is apart […]

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    What’s the Best Blues Rock Album of All Time?

    We’re about to embark on a tough challenge: deciding the best blues rock album of all time.¬†We scoured our lists of favorites, compared hits, got in long conversations (read: lively debates), and we’ve come to a conclusion. Are you ready? Here we go! Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (1966) We don’t […]